Sunday, February 2, 2014

"And then she said ..."

mi mom came back frum da skool da udder day an told me da followin:
"(blank) said she doesn't understand your blog and then she said she doesn't have time to try to figure it out."
if  she duzzen't understand it ... why iz she even bothering to go dere?
mi mom shoudda sed dat she izzen't interested in reedin abowt her d-o-g!
i am jus sayin.
in udder nooz,
mi grate frend cal'z mom sent me all mi catster stuff.
i wuz feelin nostaljik az i red thru mi diary an looked at mi pikshurz.
thank u laura!
an, becuz u commented on mi eerz ... an compared me to a owl ...
i took de pikshur  displayed at da  top espeshulee fer u.
it showz how i can do grate thingz wid mi eerz.
in dis shot i am makin one eer smaller dan da udder.
back to dat d-o-g person frum da skool.
i am linkin mi blog to MY facebook paje frum now on.
i am jus sayin.
da end.


  1. Great ~ will make it easier for us to follow! xx

  2. Some humans just don't get it Jete!

    Great job with the takes talent to do these things!

  3. I'm going to try leaving a comment again, Jeter! The last one disappeared into cyberspace! I think your ear talent is amazing! I want to kiss that cute face of yours!

  4. Hey JH I've missed you! I didn't know you had another blog but just found you from your comment on Auntie Bee's blog.
    That's pretty neat the way you do that with your ears.

  5. you are a beauty jeter pie!

    smiles, yab

  6. It is grate to hear from you, Jeter!

  7. Way to go Jeter. Anyone who can't understand you needs tutoring. Hey, you're a good tutor. You could volunteer to teach the person correct English. :)

  8. Jeter - I miss you!!!!