Tuesday, December 31, 2013

everything grate in 2014

az i wate fer da ball to drop

 mi mom an i wanna wish u an yerz 

everything grate in 2014!

luv, yer frendz
jh and Roberta

Monday, December 30, 2013

trying to get da stoopid video to werk.

sumbody asked me abowt mi brudder matsui.
he iz heer, brudderz an sistahz.  he, unlike joba (duhr), comes into da howse at night ... an even stayz wid me durin da day.
he iz  good company an i enjoy givin him a nice bath ... an he does da same fer me.
i  am tryin to get dat movie  dat mi brudder mike took uv mat tryin to get mi attenshun an let him in da howse.  
i dunno if it'z gointa werk.
it'z too bad if it duzzen't becuz it'z golden globe material.
speekin uv  globez ...
i  will be celebrating da noo yeer widda silver disco ball tomorrow nite.
mi mom will definitely take a fabyoolus pikshur.
stay tooned.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

crushing mi head*

mi mom wuz tellin me abowt a show she yoozed to watch called
"The Kids in the Hall"
an dey yoozed to do sumthin called
"I'm crushing your head" 

it made mi mom laff an laff.
so, dis mornin she decided to show me how it'z  done.

i dunno.  it duzzen't make sense to me.
mi mom hazza strange sense uv hyoomer sumtimez.
speekin uv strange ...
i understand dat blogger duzzen't alwayz make it easy for sum uv u to comment.
i am sorry to heer  dis.
thank u fer continyooin to try, however. (Barbie-Lou and Trudy)
u ar grate frendz.

*mi mom wuzzen't really crushing mi head.  
it wuz trick photography!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

jus to keep u up-to-date

joba, dat stoopid cat (he'z jus too old to be a kitten!) iz still in mi life. 
 i havta say, i feel bad fer him sumtimez.
he'z too stoopid to come in da howse, even wen da weather iz bad.
wen he duz come in, he swatz at mi mom wen she petz him.
stoopid joba.
he swatz da hand dat feedz him.
dis iz how i like to spend time wid him ...

dat'z me on da inside lookin owt ... an him on da owtside lookin in.
an dat'z how it shood be.


speekin uv shood,
u shood leev a comment if u vizit me heer.
it makez me feel better.
i am jus sayin.
da end.
yer frend, jh

Friday, December 27, 2013

da introoder cuzzin

dis iz mi introoder cuzzin ...

her name iz oreo an heer she iz lookin fer me.
i personally do not enjoy da company uvva d-o-g ... even a good d-o-g ...
so i wuz hidin ...

rite behind her.
she never noo it!
i wuz laffin a laffin.
speekin uv laffin ...
heer'z a joke fer u:

ware do dogz go wen dey looz dere tails?
to da retail store.

yer frend ...jh

Thursday, December 26, 2013

lookey lookey hooz heer!

 mi gram iz heer brudderz an sistahz!
i am so eksited becuz ...

... she singz to me ...
"I love you my handsome Jeter!  You are my favorite cat!"

i hav never herd a more byootiful voice!
speekin uv byootiful, izzen't mi gram amazin?
she iz gointa be 90 yeerz old in 2014.
dat'z allotta cat yeerz!
i am jus sayin'!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

wut i do

u may or mayen't wunder wut i do wid miself all day.
well ... dis iz pretty much it.
i sit on da windowsill an look owt into da grate owtdoorz.
remember wen i wuz a younger boycat an ran arownd owtside?
doze dayz are gone, brudderz an sistahz.
i don't know how it happened ... it musta had sumthin to do wid dat stoopid kitten, joba.
speekin uv hoom, he pretty much stayz owtside ... even in da freezin cold.
mi mom triez to  invite him into da howse, much to mi personal dismay, but he preferz da cold ...  i think it'z becuz he iz protectin us frum  da raccoonz dat surrownd us at all timez.
speekin uv timez ...
sumone asked me if i wuz goin to timez skware wid mi old frend, reebok da grate dis yeer.
i am sorry to say dat reebok an i hav not been in touch az uv  late.
it'z funny how doze thingz happen.
i miss him.
da end.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

an it iz off to da racez

wow ... will u lookit dis brudderz an sistahz ...
i'm bloggin!
life iz grate again!
az u may or mayen't know, mi mom bot dis little tablet an 
it duzzen't auto correct!
dat stoopid ipad wuz gettin in da way uv mi creativity!
so ... it'z off to da racez again!
in udder nooz ...
i wanna wish u an yerz a very happy holiday.
mi mom fownd dis thing she callz a nutcracker an haz been makin me nutz tryin to get a pikshur.  well ... dis iz da bes i can do fer u now.
frum da grate state uv noo york!
yer frend,