Sunday, December 29, 2013

crushing mi head*

mi mom wuz tellin me abowt a show she yoozed to watch called
"The Kids in the Hall"
an dey yoozed to do sumthin called
"I'm crushing your head" 

it made mi mom laff an laff.
so, dis mornin she decided to show me how it'z  done.

i dunno.  it duzzen't make sense to me.
mi mom hazza strange sense uv hyoomer sumtimez.
speekin uv strange ...
i understand dat blogger duzzen't alwayz make it easy for sum uv u to comment.
i am sorry to heer  dis.
thank u fer continyooin to try, however. (Barbie-Lou and Trudy)
u ar grate frendz.

*mi mom wuzzen't really crushing mi head.  
it wuz trick photography!


  1. I never saw that show, Jeter, or even heard of it. But it sure does look like your mom is crushing your head!!! Good thing it wuz trick photography!! I'm really liking seeing you everyday, Jeter. By the way, how is Matsui? You haven't mentioned him, only dat stoopid Joba!!

  2. My mom told me about that show because she calls us "The KITS in the Hall!" (I kinda like getting my head crushed.) My human sister used to watch it all the time.

  3. Meowm doesn't recognize the show, but she recognizes the crushing! We bet your Mom gave you smooches after she was finished "crushing".

  4. I am watchin' dat show right now before Netflix yanks it off the menu....and i'm crushin' my kitties heads!

  5. Housepanther RUSH and tortie MYSTY love to read Mr. Jeter Harris' blog (via our servant Human). We love the way you keep ahead of Adam Newman Joba. Come to Central Virginia sometime!

  6. Jeter, it does look like your mom is crushing your head with her ginormous hands! How ever did her hands get so BIG! MOL - it is pretty funny =^*^=. 

  7. The Hotties and I are glad your head isn't really crushed. ) Good to hear from you, Jeter! Purrrs from Angel Sanjee and the gang

  8. your mom would never REALLY crush yer head jeterpie!

    smiles, yab

  9. Hahahahahaha the Woman does that, too! And she's mentioned that show...I think deep down she really wishes she could pop heads like that...