Monday, December 30, 2013

trying to get da stoopid video to werk.

sumbody asked me abowt mi brudder matsui.
he iz heer, brudderz an sistahz.  he, unlike joba (duhr), comes into da howse at night ... an even stayz wid me durin da day.
he iz  good company an i enjoy givin him a nice bath ... an he does da same fer me.
i  am tryin to get dat movie  dat mi brudder mike took uv mat tryin to get mi attenshun an let him in da howse.  
i dunno if it'z gointa werk.
it'z too bad if it duzzen't becuz it'z golden globe material.
speekin uv  globez ...
i  will be celebrating da noo yeer widda silver disco ball tomorrow nite.
mi mom will definitely take a fabyoolus pikshur.
stay tooned.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jeter!! I clicked on the link to try to watch the video, but was unable to see it. I do remember seeing either a picture or video not too long ago where you were totally ignoring poor Matsui when he wanted to come in the house. I am so glad that Matsui and you are such good friends. i remember that the two of you always did get along. I also remember when Matsui came to live with you. I will be looking forward to seeing the picture of you that your Mom is going to take tomorrow night.