Friday, December 27, 2013

da introoder cuzzin

dis iz mi introoder cuzzin ...

her name iz oreo an heer she iz lookin fer me.
i personally do not enjoy da company uvva d-o-g ... even a good d-o-g ...
so i wuz hidin ...

rite behind her.
she never noo it!
i wuz laffin a laffin.
speekin uv laffin ...
heer'z a joke fer u:

ware do dogz go wen dey looz dere tails?
to da retail store.

yer frend ...jh


  1. Great job hiding in plain sight Jeter! We laffed and laffed at your joke!

  2. Do they have retail stores for cats, too? And do you have an invisibility cloak or something? Hiding in plain sight is a good trick, my friend.

  3. the retail store! ha ha ha ha ha

    smiles, yab