Wednesday, January 29, 2014

back to normal

well wuddya know.
doze dum catz ar owt in da cold an mi dad iz back frum a trip to washington, DC.
life iz back to normal

we (matsui an joba an i) spent da hole day together in da house wile mi mom wuz at da skool.
i'm still alive ... 
so dat'z good nooz.
wile mi dad wuz workin an havin sum fun,
i wuz takin care uv mi mom an protectin her.
i am glad to say dat dere were no introoderz.
an dat'z good nooz.
da end.


  1. No intruders is good news! Good job protecting your Mom, especially while the monster Joba was in the house. Him and Matsui are beyond crazy for being outside!

  2. And I'm just sayin' your ears are looking quite interesting tonight, Jeter!

  3. You're as good at "giving ears" as Sanjee ever was! Glad things are back to normal at Casa Jeter.

  4. Keep 'trooders away is a big job.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Hey Jeter, RUSH here! Mysty and I keep the introoders away down here in Central Virginia. Stay warm, Bro!.

  6. very good news indeed jeter pie!

    smiles, yab

  7. That certainly is good news, Jeter!!

  8. I dunno. If I was an intruder and I saw your adorable pink nose, I might invite myself in and get to know you.