Sunday, January 12, 2014


wen i nap, i like to tuck mi legz.
all us catz enjoy dis posishun.
but yesterday i wuz really tucked in ...

... an mi mom sed i looked like a lofe uv bred.
(dis iz fer any reeder hoo iz notta cat or hoo 
duz not havva cat.  fer doze uv u hoo are catz or hoo hav catz ... dis iz nuthin speshul.) 


speekin uv speshul,
mi brudder matsui  slept on mi mom'z robe  las nite an dis mornin it smells kinda speshul.
I am jus sayin.


  1. You're in the meatloaf position, Jeter! If you get over to Cat Scouts, you can earn a badge for this picture. Just sayin' . . . . . .

  2. We give you 12 paws up for hiding all your paws in the load position!

    We are certain Matsui worked very hard to make his aroma just right before laying on your Moms robe...we think she should wear it that way.....with pride.

  3. You're writing again! I thought maybe you were working a big movie for Hollywood and didn't have time to blog for us anymore! Yay!

  4. my silly jeter pie!

    smiles, yab

  5. Oh, I call that the meatloaf position, Jeter. You sure look adorable!!