Sunday, January 5, 2014

all in

yup brudderz an sistahz
we are all in ...
da grate owtdoorz haz been so snowy an cold,
even matsui and dat joba hav spent da last few nitez in.
it'z sumwat disturbin fer me to hav dat joba in da howse, but i'm makin do.
(wutever dat meanz.)

duzzen't mi mom know she can get cootiez?

in udder nooz,
mi mom iz goin back to da skool tomorrow after a long vakashun.
i wunder wut dat meenz fer mi blog.
jus thinkin owt loud.


  1. Oh Jeter, we are sorry your world is being turned kitty-wompus with Joba being in, but we are glad all of you are inside where it is warm.

  2. I am quite relieved to know that all of you kitties are safely inside, and I'm glad that you are making do with having that Joba in the house. Even though he is not nice to you, it is really cold out there, and he needs to be safe from that cold and snow.
    So, if your mom is going back to school tomorrow, I wonder, too, what that means for your blog!!!

  3. Well, hopefully the weather will warm up and Joba can return to the grate owtdoorz. But I must say, I'm relieved that you are all in for now. I remember a number of years ago when you went walkabout in the snow ... glad you stick close to home now. And make sure your mom stays warm when she goes back to school. And then sit on her and purr when she gets home!

  4. RUSH says everee cat should be an inside cat. Even Joba! Rain in Central Virginia today but COLD! Mysty sends tortie headbutts to Longuyisland too.

  5. Can't ya lock that kitten in a bathroom or something? Your life would be a lot easier if you could...

  6. it is vary schwetty heer. I GIT Schwetty all over. ooooooooooo too hots. I wood like to