Friday, January 3, 2014

semi stoopid

u may or mayen't remember dat joba came in da howse last nite to escape da storm.
many uv mi fb frendz decided dat dis wuz smart.
i hav to agree.
he stayed in da howse all nite ... an  woke mi mom up at 5:00 fer breakfast dis morning.
den ... he asked to go owt.
dis iz ware he getz stoopid.

he cooda just yoozed da facilitiez like matsui  did ... but NO ...
he went owt in da snow an diden't come back.
he cooda had a nice relaxing and warm day in da grate indoorz.

actually ... it'z fine wid me.
i'm jus sayin.
speekin uv fine ...
mi mom locked  me in her room last nite an joba diden't bother me so everything wuz fine.
da end.


  1. No snow here in Central Virginia Jeter but it IS cold! So Rush and I will stay in da grate indoorz. Luv,
    Your Friend on this End-Tortie MYSTY

  2. We diddint have snows but it was cold here in Texas last nite. I gots to sleep in the bedroom on toppa the cat tree where the warm air from the hole in the seeling comes down and I was so warm and happy cuz Spencer who has bin acting all Joba got locked owt and he had to sleep somewhare else. Stay warm Jeter!

  3. Silly Joba! We are glad you were safe from him thru the night.

  4. You try to get that Joba back in the house today where it is warm, Jeter! He needs to be inside again tonight, and be nice to him!

  5. Oh, Jeter!! Dat Joba really iz stoopid to go owt dis morning in all of dat snow and cold. I am happy dat he stayed in all night, though. And, I'm happy to hear dat you were safe in your mom's room all night. Even though you don't like him, I really do hope Joba comes back in da howse.

  6. I'm sure he's found some place to get out of the snow outside. Those orangies can be very clever.

    I must also tell you that my mom is sitting at her computer making kissy noises at your picture. Just thought you'd want to know.

  7. We're glad to hear Joba was smart last night and that he didn't bother you. Wonder why he wanted to go out in that?

  8. Maybe there's a Mrs. Joba out there he wanted to get to...