Monday, January 6, 2014


i meen ...
r-e-e-l-y   c-o-l-d!
joba iz in ... and pretty soon, matsui will get smart an come in da howse.
i'm snuggly warm writin to you while relaxin on mi mom an dad'z bed.
i can heer da wind pickin up an i know dat da temperature iz gointa plummit ... wutever dat meenz.
in udder nooz:  mi mom went back to da skool.
it wuz quiet in da howse so i rested an waited fer her to come home.
tomorrow she hazza 2 hour delayed openin due to da cold... which meenz more time fer me.
i think i will ask fer a speshul breakfast.
da end.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Jeter!! It's cold down here in Florida, too. Not as cold as up there, but cold enough. I'm so glad that you are snuggly warm, and that Joba is in the house. But, what the heck is Matsui doing outside?? I hope that he's in by now. And I also hope that your mom made you a special breakfast this morning, since she had that extra two hour delay for opening school.