Thursday, January 2, 2014

mi selfie

wen i herd dat mi favorite prince ... da grate prince william ...  took a selfie wid a bespectacled skool girl

i decided to find a bespectacled skool girl uv mi own ... an take a selfie.

dis iz da best i cood do.
speekin uv wut i do ...
i hafta say dat many fb frendz thot mi pikshur uv vomit on mi mom an dad'z bed  wuz a little strange.
wut can i say?
it'z wut i  do.
da end.


  1. Oh, Jeter!! I love that selfie of you and your mom!! And, I didn't think that the picture of vomit was strange at all. Just a fact of life!!! I sure do love seeing you every day!!

    1. it appeerz dat non-cat luverz did NOT understand. suprizingly ... mi own dad fownd it strange.

  2. I say "hmmmm" too. It is very suprizing dat your dad fouwnd it strange. I mean, he iz a cat luver.

  3. That is a great selfie Jeter! We love it! People are strange if they found your vomit strange. I mean, come on, it's what we cats do!!!

  4. Well, she is a school girl, and she is wearing glasses, and she is cute, so I think you nailed it, Jeter! And flojectiling on the bed ranks right up there with doing it on a nice rug. Way to go!

  5. Puke happens, my friend. What can you say? And we love the selfie!

  6. Dood...awesome picture. Perhaps I should start taking selfies? It would be better than the ones the Woman takes of herself, methinks...