Sunday, January 26, 2014

i wuzzen't kiddin

i wuzzen't kiddin wen i sed i wuz nervus yesterday.
look ware i spent da day ...

dat'z rite.
i wuz hidin in da clozet.
in udder nooz:

in 21 degreez, mi brudder matsui rezembulz a bowling ball.
don't u agree?


  1. Jeter-come down to Virginia and stay a few days with US-It's cold here too but not near as much snow. Bring Matsui if you want-we will treat you like the man of respect that you are. LOVE Rush and Mysty

  2. Okay, I'll try to leave you a comment again. My first one never showed up. What I said was that I'm sorry that you were so nervous, but you sure did find a good hiding place. You are just so cute!! And why in the world does Matsui like the cold???

  3. At least there is comfy things to lay on in the closet. Matsui cracks us up!