Saturday, January 11, 2014

i knew it!

back to da skool ... an ...
no selfiez ... no pikshurz ... no posts.

jus a lot uv me ... hangin owt on da kitchen table watin fer mi mom to get home.
jus a lot uv talk abowt da wether an da cold an worryin abowt doze two dummiez stayin owt wen dey should be in.
jus a lot uv laffin jus thinkin abowt max sugjestin dat dere izza "mrs. joba."
but i discovered sumthin i forgot abowt!
i discovered drinkin frum da fawcet!
it'z grate!
speekin uv grate,
it'z grate dat da temperacher iz warmer an dat stoopid joba can stay owtside widowt everyonne gettin crazy.
dat meenz i can come owtta da bedroom an eet wen i want an not smell hiz stoopid smell in da howse.
hmmm.  dere we go talkin abowt da wether again.
oh well.


  1. Yeah, we can't post unless mum is here to be our typist.

  2. It is our one downfall as cats.....we can't type legibly. Oh well, our humans have to have something to do!

    There is a new orange cat at our Grandmeowms house, and he likes to drink from the faucet too. He almost became the new orange cat at our house!

    Our weather is yucky here too, but we all stay inside all the time! At least you have some room to breathe now Jeter!

    1. saved by yer grandmeowm! u dont know wutta disturbance dat orinje cat cood hav been..

  3. Jeter it is RAINING in Central Virginia now but Rush and I don't care as we are inside cats! Hope you are listening to some Music Power in New York. Love: Tortie Mysty.

  4. Here's a thought, my friend: ask your mom to get Dragon Speak for you. Then you can meow to the computer. No need for a keyboard.

  5. Sounds like things are getting back to normal around your house. Or at least as far as Joba is concerned.

  6. It occurs to me as I bask in the warmth of a California winter...whycome no one builds Joba his own little house in the backyard? You know, a nice, warmed, insulated single story ranch-like abode. Like...a dog house. Without the dog. He could live out there and bring chicks around, and you'd never have to smell him again!

    1. in fact , dere izza little howse in da back , widda in door anna owt door no isulashun no windowz just a in door anna owt door. it' sorta like a walk-thru.