Wednesday, January 22, 2014

now an den

dis izza snow day fer mi mom.
dat meenz no skool fer her ... anna typist fer me.

az u may or mayen't know ... catster iz closin down an allotta catz ar runnin back dere to get dere pikshurz an diariez, etc.
i picked up a few uv mi old pikshurz ... an dis iz wut i came up wid.
dat top pikshur iz me today ...
da udder one iz me abowt 9 yeerz ago.
still hansum, yes?
speekin uv snow ...
we ar all in da howse.
dat meenz joba iz inside.
i'm sorry ... i jus don't like him.
he makez me growl.
da end.


  1. Hey Jeter, MYSTY here! I am a tortie and you look GRATE! Love-M from Central VA

  2. Yes, Jeter, you certainly are still quite handsome!!! And even though you don't like Joba, he is better off in the house in all that cold and snow. Good thing your mom has a snow day so she can type for you.

  3. jeterpie if you don't like him then i don't like him. the end.

    smiles, yab

  4. Always handsome!!! Just keep your distance from Joba and all will be well.