Wednesday, January 22, 2014

frum da annalz uv catster ... a mudder'z day poem

wen i wuz on catster ... i hadda lotta fun.
one uv mi bes frendz wuz skeezix hoo ran dis contest fer mudder'z day.
i wanna thank cal'z mom fer findin dis grate piece uv poetry dat i rote fer mi mom wen we were both a lot younger.
pee ess ... mi mom did not win.
i am jus sayin.

a poem fer mi mom by jeter harris
mi mom iz grate an reelee swell
she lookz ok an hazza nice smell
she feedz me, luvz me, givz me voice
uv all da mudderz she'd be mi choice
took me in wen she swore "no more catz."
won't dress me up or make me ware hatz
gave me a good home ... anna perfect name
if u don't pick dis woman it wood be a shame ...
becuz mi mom'z da best cat mom ... dat iz true.
but ... winner or not, mom ... i will alwayz luv u.
da end.
pee ess ... i don't mind a raw mowse evree now an den.


    1. That is wonderful, Jeter! It's hard to believe that she didn't win. Love the picture of the two of you.

      ~Nancy (& Little Nicky)

    2. Beauty-full JH. Makes us get all teary.

    3. Awww....that's a bootiful poem!

      The Florida Furkids

    4. That's a beautiful poem, Jeter. And a beautiful picture of you and your mom!!

    5. Jeter-Lovely! You or your mom should be allowed to read that poem over 77 WABC! Best Meows-RUSH AND MYSTY

    6. Ah, Jeter, what a great poem for your mom. Even though it didn't win, you undoubtedly made her proud.

    7. Jeter!!!!! I can't believe I found you! I sees your blog mentioned by Skeezix's mom when my mom went to check how she was doing.
      Your grateness makes my day.
      Your furend, TK