Monday, January 13, 2014

da old waterin hole ...

i fergot how grate it iz to drink frum da kitchen fawcet.
da water iz cool an comez in a nice streem.
it'z much more fun to drink dis way dan frum a bowl.
i am jus sayin.
speekin uv jus sayin,
mi mom'z frend in da skool sed da followin today:
"I was reading your cat's blog.  You're so funny"  Is there a program that spells like that?"
first: no madam ... dere iz no program... it'z mi spellin an it'z grate.
second: mi mom iz funny????
u think typin iz funny? , becuz dat'z wut she duz.
ware iz da respect?


  1. Dood, now you know why I only like drinking from my fountain. Much better than lapping it up from a bowl.

    And man...didn't anyone tell your mom's friend that you've been a professional spelling coach? YOU KNOW THIS CHIT!

  2. We like the faucets, or our fountain. And if Meowm has a glass of water, Orion can't help but check that out!

    A program for your spelling? Humans can be so dense!

  3. Rush says you spell FINE, Jeter. Love, Mysty

  4. Does your mom's friend know you are the famous, Jeter Harris, who was spelling coach to your great friend Skeezix?

  5. jeter you are a hoot honey pie!

    smiles, yab

  6. My Taylor used to like to drink from the faucet, too, Jeter. And I think that your mom should tell her friend that you are an excellent speller!!!