Thursday, July 18, 2013

applikashun time

yup brudderz an sistahz ...
yesterday wuz applikashun time fer me ...
an dis mornin mi brudderz, matsui an joba got dere'z.
I don't know how I cood get fleaz becuz I amma indoor cat now ...
but stuff happenz.
mi mom got sumthin called "Vet's + Best Natural Health Care Flea + Tick Home Spray Peppermint oil & clove extract" an everything smellz grate.
wen mi brudder mickey wuz heer da fleaz luved him.
I gess dey were wating all yeer to vizit him wen da wether wuz rite.
in udder nooz, mi dad went to a place called a "sleep clinic" las nite to figyer out a way to fix hiz stoopid snorin.
frendz ... sumtimez he wakez ME up!
I stayed close to mi mom all nite to keep her safe frum introoderz.
werd hazzit dat we ar in da middle uvva beet wave.
I am cool, tho, becuz az I sed ...
I amma indoor cat now.
da end.
pee ess:  u mite see dat I am on da table in da pikshur.  mi mom cleenz it up wen I am remooved. do not worry AB.


  1. Cats are allowed on tables, and counters too, Jeter! Stay cool, pal. I'm glad you're an indoor cat cause that is the only way to be!

    Knead On ~


  2. dat wuz for mi non cat friendz hoo probably don't reed mi blog anyway!

  3. We are having a bit of a beet wave here too Jete! It is relentless!

    Glad you are keeping those fleas away!

  4. I wunder wutta beet wave lookz like! Duhr. Stoopid auto correct!

  5. You just know Joba would be bringing bitey things from outside to get on you...that's probably why you hve to get that gunk put on you skin and furs.

    The Man used to snore realllly badly. He even had the stabby guy do things to him, like cut off his hanging down thingy in his throat and burn off his soft palate and even poke hot holes in his throat. Finally he did the sleep thingy and they gave him a CPAP machine, and now he doesn't snore. EVERYONE likes it...

    1. Mi dad iz not happy dad he will be sleeping like da Lone Ranger soon!

  6. Beet wave! Bwaaahahaha! Autocorrect is very amusing. I hope the sleep place can fix your Dad. My mom feels your pain. My dad has not been to the sleep place, but I think he needs to go before my mom goes around the bend.

  7. auto correct iz stoopid. but here iz sumthin interestin 'kaika ... It'z beginnin to recognize sum uv mi werdz!

  8. Woah. You could re-write the language. Dude ... you would freak out English teachers all over the world! It would not be a pretty sight. Just sayin' ...

  9. I just caught up on all your adventures. I'm glad to see you are doing well and Matsui and yes, that brat Jobba are good too! Hopefully your dad will come back all fixed cause snoring is annoying. My kitty Teddy he snores so loud he wakes me up. I wonder if they have sleep clinics for cats?

    I can't seem to comment using my old name - its 2CatMom (Aviv_b)

  10. We hope your dad's snore is fixed so he doesn't keep you awake any more, Jeter. A cat has got to have his rest!

  11. Miss you, Jeter! Hope all is well.