Tuesday, July 16, 2013

figyerin out da pointz ... fer a cat

mi auntie bee iz alwayz talkin about caloriez an loozin wate an stuff ...
so I decided to do sum research on caloriez an pointz.
AB made enchiladaz las nite. I had a halffa can uv Friskies Classic Seafood Entree pâté. (more delishus dan enchiladaz I think.)
I found da followin:

pâté classic seafood entree = 31 caloriez per oz.
each can= 5.5 oz.
a halffa can=2.8 (rounded up) oz.
31 caloriez x 2.8=78.8 caloriez eech meel (I hav 2 uv dem a day)

now ... heer iz da pointz stuff:

azza baseline fer a male ... allow 8 pointz
account fer age (I figyer I'm sumware around 57 ... YIKEZ!) ... add 1
level uv activity iz sumwut low deez dayz ... add 2
height (5 foot 1 an shorter ... dat'z me) ... 0
10% uv mi body wate ... add 1

dat'z 12 pointz brudderz an sistahz!

so I thought uvva food to look up:

a pork sausage cooked iz 79 caloriez an 7 pointz.

a halffa can uv Friskies classic seafood entree pâté iz:

78.8 caloriez an 7 pointz!
hav dat twice a day ...

14 pointz!

I'm only 2 pointz over!


AB ... Jus eat a halffa can uv Friskies twice a day an you will never hafta worry about caloriez again!

I am jus sayin.
(thank u fer reedin dis all da way to da end!)


  1. Dear Brudder - what's da point (pun intended)? Peoples get so caught up in all da math of it. Tell yer AB to relax and enjoy da good eats - you too! Srsly - enjoy life so it can be grate!
    Yer BFADM - Kimo & Sabi

  2. enjoy life to da FULLEST! (wuttza pun?)
    thank u brudderz

  3. You've got brains, Jeter!

    Knead On ~


  4. Maybe you should go into business as a "meal planning consultant" for cats ... I'm sure there's money in that.

  5. ummmm, okay jeter honey pie... if you say so. but i think you'd have to tie me up and force feed it to me. ha ha ha

    smiles, yab

  6. DOod, that was like math, and math is hard... >.<