Monday, July 15, 2013

it will be "take yer cat (hair) to skool day" wen it coolz down

i wuz so eksited wen da bottom uv da dresser drawer broke dis mornin.
mi mom pulled it out to fix it an I jumped rite in da dresser fer sum fun.
mi mom wuz happy to see how much fun I wuz havin until she realized dat da black cashmere swetterz dat she had cleened an put away were da very swetterz I wuz lyin on!
she politely asked me to leev ... wich I did.
I think it will be grate wen da wether getz cool, mi mom warez a black cashmere swetter, an "voila!" a reminder or two (thousand) uv yerz trooly iz rite dere wid her.
I am alwayz thinkin uv mi mom.
In udder nooz:  dere izza dead bird on mi lawn.


  1. jeter a ded bird is a good bird. i am scared of them you know. and you did good in the sweater drawer!

    smiles, yab

  2. Cat fur is the very best accessory! You are helping make your Mom very fashionable!

    Who dedded the bird?

    1. It wuzzent me. It cooda been matsui or stoopid joba

  3. Jete, you're so good to yore mom!I love to put white furrs on my mom's dark clothes too. She sez she takes me to werk efurry day! Me and Buddy onlee get to go owtside for a kwik bit of grass some days, so we nefur get to ded any birds. That barn cat Ruffian deds a lot of them tho.

    Good to see you bak blogging!


    1. deer finny
      don't tell ... but I never dedded a bird.

  4. Wonder who killed that birdie? Glad your Mommy takes you to work with her - black is the best color for your fur!

    Knead On ~ Calvin

  5. Attenshun: da bird body iz no longer in that backyard.
    I am jus reporting dis

  6. You are helping your Mom accessorize! Go you! My mom's black tee shirt was quite well-accessorized today. And about the bird body, maybe the kitty who deaded it came back to eat it ... just sayin'. Or maybe a human had something to do with the disappearance.

  7. In place uv da bird body izza string uv .... shhhhhh... poop
    it'z disturbing an dat iz all