Sunday, July 7, 2013

palm treez on lon guyland

hoo sez u havta go to da funshine state to see palm treez?
I havva palm tree rite in mi livin room ...
an, wen I am able to sneek into da livin room throo a open door,
I can sit under da palm tree an pretend I am onna florida beech!
an, if da liting iz rite, I can look like I havva tan in da pikshur!
life iz grate brudderz an sistahz!
mi mom iz havin sum fun wid mi gram.
it appeerz dat dey eet owt a lot an den dey go home an watch lottsa game showz!
den mi mom spendz time lockin doorz an turnin on an off litez an makin sure mi gram iz safe.
I wuz wunderin abowt harvard an if dey teech spellin dere.
I think ... dey don't. 
da end.


  1. Mysty the tortie says that JETER is the Jimmy Buffett of Long Island-you look very tropical.

  2. We have never seen a palm tree Jeter! We have spruce trees, cottonwoods and elms and crabapple trees aplenty though.

    You look great lounging under your palm tree. All you need now is a lon guy land nip tea!

  3. The palm tree goes very nicely with your furs, I hafta say! And I think you're right about Harvard.

    I'm happy that your Mom is having fun with your Gram. I'll bet there are lots of palm trees where they are!

  4. Mi mom sez free at palm treez an lizard
    Very eksitin!