Tuesday, July 2, 2013

wut'z black an wite an red all over?

souwnd'z like a joke, rite brudderz an sistah'z?
well ... It'z my brudder matsui an ... Joba.
deez two stay owtside most uv da time.  matsui sometimez comez inside to finish mi brekfast den spendz da day in da basement. joba rarely comez in da howse. dat'zza good thing.
speekin uv joba, he haz dis deep meow dat he yoozez all da time.  it annoyz me.  matsui haz dis girlie meow. u wood think he'zza big baby, but he izza hunter an he'z not afrade uv anything!
mi grate frend 'Kaika rememberz da day mi squillion, laffin, had da accident dat ferever changed hiz face.  i havva piksher uv dat day:


  1. Sigh. We so wish you and Joba didn't hate each other. A photo of your 3 handsome faces together would be so neat.

  2. The orange cat in our home meows a lot too. Although his meow is not very deep sounding. Sounds like you have most of the house to yourself! What I wouldn't give for that.


  3. My mom just loves Matsui's face! She even likes Joba's ... but then she's a sucker for orangies. But your face is the best, my friend! Just sayin'.

  4. matsui iz a pretty boy!
    notta grate pikshur uv years trooley wid da wood catz an laffin