Friday, July 5, 2013

happy birfday to mi gram

mi mom iz wid mi gram in da funshine state.
I tride to see her in da plane.
she iz helpin mi gram selubrate her 89th birfday.
dattza lotta yeerz.
I am jus sayin.
in udder nooz ...
I am heer wid mi dad.
he wuz sayin to mi mom befor she left:
"I think I will leave cans of food up here so I don't have to go downstairs at 5:30 to feed Jeter in the morning."
brudderz an sistahz, I diden't havta look at mi mom'z face to know wut she wuz thinkin.
one werd ...
da end.


  1. Well I hope you get through that Jeter! I hate it when the Woman is gone.

    1. I meen he'z mi dad an he did gimme mi start ... But duhr! I am jus sayin'

  2. The Dad never does it as good as the Mom. I hope she comes home soon!

    Knead On ~ Calvin

  3. We hope you and your dad can batch it till your mom comes home.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Gram, Jeter.

    We had a panic attack when we thought we'd lost you, but turns out you only moved from WP to Blogger. Whew! Off to change the RSS feed in our reader now.

    1. iz dat werkin now? WP wuz too stoopid fer me. I amma blogger kinda guy

  5. When we lived in Evil, Ohio, I used to get fed upstairs because of Hank the Dog. It worked out really well for me...the Woman would stumble out of bed, open my can, and then stumble back to bed. Everyone was happy! Well, except for Hank. That meant he didn't have a shot at my gooshy foods...

    1. yep ... it'z da stumble owtta an get back inta part dat appeelz to mi dad

  6. Jeter, I am so happy I found yer new blog. I have been checking yer old one weekly & thought you were too busy with mousebreath. Now I have tons to catch up on. We've missed you!